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Promotional Material

In this section you can find all the relevant promotional material created in order to advertise WeGov. You will even be able to download them.

If you need any of these files in any other format please feel free to contact us.




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Final project flyer (Update!)



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Download the flyer (web edition)
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Final project poster (Update!)



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Download the poster (web edition)
Download the poster (print copy)


Project Brochure (New!)



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Download the brochure (web edition)
Download the brochure (print copy/ A4 french fold)


For queries regarding dissemination material, please contact us at the following email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




WeGov has been participating in various third party events as well as organizing events to showcase the project and update stakeholders on project’s progress.  The presentation of the project in such events is important in order to gain visibility both on the project and the project’s solution at all dissemination levels. This has been identified as an indicative channel to further promote the project, the WeGov technological solution and the project results as well as transfer knowledge.

At the same time, in order to enhance the presence of the project in the social media world as well as to promote our work and create a wide community of interest, WeGov has created its own profile on SlideShare. At the WeGov SlideShare profile visitors and users can find the presentations of the aforementioned events online, read them or download them. Additionally the project’s promotional materials are also available on our SlideShare profile, giving the opportunity to the visitors to download them. The SlideShare profile will be regularly updated with the new presentations of WeGov in third party events and additional promotional materials that will be produced within the project’s lifecycle. Lastly, other items related to dissemination such as articles, press releases, etc. can be also found in our SlideShare profile.


SlideShare WeGov

Please find here some promotional material on WeGov in German